2019 Introductory Workshops


Dance movement events have the potential to alter an individual’s perceptual frame of reference, thereby allowing maladaptive patterns to be released and new behavior to be developed’ (1993) Dr Marcia Leventhal (founder of IDTIA)

The International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia Inc (IDTIA) has been running training and short courses in Dance Movement Therapy since 1989.

The IDTIA offers a three-year Advanced Clinical Training for professional dance movement therapy, including a 16 month Foundation Course training for dancers and health workers who are interested in the application of dance movement in groups for those with a social or health issue. The current IDTIA Advanced Clinical Training including Foundation Course commenced in 2018

The Introductory Workshop will provide experiences of dance movement for a therapeutic context. Further information on training and examples of the application of dance movement therapy in fieldwork placements will be provided. Participation in an Introductory Workshop is a pre-requisite to starting the Foundation Course training.

Further Information: Karen Nankervis admin@idtia.org.au
Facebook: International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia

Refund Policy

Provided a minimum of 7 days notice of cancellation is given. we will issue a refund of 75% of your fees. The remaining 25% will be retained to cover administration costs